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Mariah Belgrod is a name which will soon be a fixture in the modern music landscape.”

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Mariah Belgrod

Pop recording artist / social media singer

Mariah Belgrod grew up as a free spirit in the Amish farm-town of New Holland, Pennsylvania, where the horse and buggy is still a legitimate way to travel.  Relocating to the West Coast in early 2018, Mariah has made music her full time career! She continues to record new music and performs frequently to pursue her dream of becoming a successful recording artist and entertainer.  The big city of Seattle, Washington is a far cry from her small town roots. 

Born to two New Yorkers, Mariah was exposed to the performing arts at a young age.   She found her passion for expression and music performing at the Fulton Theatre in Lancaster, PA from the age of 7.  Mariah performed in plays and musicals, including Les Misérables, Fiddler on the Roof, and Annie.  She also spent more than thirteen years dancing - styles which included ballet, tap, pointe, hip hop, and jazz.  However, at the age of 15, Mariah lost her passion for performance quickly as she began her battle with depression, so she left the stage. 

In 2016, Mariah discovered the karaoke-style singing app Smule.  On Smule, Mariah found not only a place to creatively let off steam, but also a community of people with similar interests and battles.  In typical Mariah fashion, she wanted to be a light in that community, and show people the therapy that music can be.  Through Smule, Mariah started her journey in discovering herself, as well as a profound way to cope with her internal battles - singing for and with others.  In the process, her powerhouse vocals and genuine, infectious personality garnered over 390,000 followers  around the world, who have sang along with her more than 130,000 times

Mariah is now a verified Partner Artist and the face of the app, where she continues to further develop her performance and vocal talents. In 2018, Mariah was nominated for an iHeartRadio Music Award, through her work on Smule, under the Social Star Category.  She attended the ceremony in March and walked her first red carpet. 

Embracing her continuous battle with mental health, and her past experiences with detrimental relationships, Mariah believes in the importance of representation for women in music.  She has been working on other singles for release, as well as dipping her feet into songwriting. She plans to release new music under her own writing this upcoming summer! This new music showcases themes of independence, happiness, and "M-POWERMENT". With her passion for strengthening and encouraging her listeners, her upcoming releases are ones to watch out for. 

If you have any inquiries on Mariah's upcoming music - or questions on the best Amish desserts to try - please reach out in the contact section.

Press Photos


i hate myself.


"I hate myself." is Mariah Belgrod's newest single to be released. Coming to your headphones on September 17th, 2020 - "I hate myself" celebrates the lustful desire of guilty pleasures.

This song was created with Eric Ferraro of VEUX. It was written by the dynamic duo of Mariah Belgrod and Eric Ferraro. Be sure to pre-save the track below!





"TEAM PLAYER" is Mariah Belgrod's newest released single. Put into the world on October 16, 2020, "Team Player" screams independence and understanding your self-worth. 

This song was recorded in conjunction with Creation House Records. "Team Player" was written by Mariah Belgrod and Jeffrey Graham, making this the first song Mariah has released of her own writing. The music video above was recorded with the talented team at Rogue Rider Productions. Be sure to click and check it out!






Mariah performs "Girl Crush" by Little Big Town. Recorded in one take - this song was featured across Smule in many ads!

Mariah Belgrod performing karaoke live in front of perfect strangers at a Pittsburgh, PA bar.  Mariah's booming vocals and infectious personality draw in the crowd to engage with her performance.

Mariah covering her moody pop inspiration, Charlotte Lawrence, on the track, "Why Do You Love Me".

Mariah singing a cover of Lady Gaga's, "Million Reasons".  Mariah sings this song live into her earbud microphone, in one take.

Mariah performing a live version of "Don't You Remember" (by Adele). Recorded on Smule.

Mariah Belgrod singing an acoustic take on, "Delicate" (by Taylor Swift). This performance was filmed on May 8, 2020.


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